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When the club was found in 1913, it's main purpose was to aid Italian immigrants in their time of need upon entry into this country by way of providing a death benefit to the family of a deceased member. It continues to foster the Italian culture while simultaneously facilitating the assimilation into the American culture. The club is most supportive of Italian immigrants, as well as individuals of Italian descent, with interest in the Italian culture. The Amaseno Lodge No. 3 has fostered community organization and involvement through various civic minded events and sponsorships that have advanced the status of people of Italian heritage.


Over the years, the Amaseno Lodge No. 3 has endeavored to embrace all ethnic groups in their civic activities by opening its membership to anyone who has an interest in the Italian culture, regardless of heritage or background.


The Amaseno Lodge No. 3 has for the past 40 years sponsored an annual three-day festival in honor of the patron saint of Amaseno, San Lorenzo, as well as San Rocco, which corresponds with the festival in Amaseno, Italy.


The Amaseno Lodge No. 3 was originally incorporated as Società Opearia di Mutuo Soccorso 'Amaseno' Provincia di Roma No. 3 on Feb. 17, 1913, and was located at 163 E. 22nd St, in Chicago Heights. The "Società" was formed for "mutual benefit and not for profit." The original "Societa," or "Loggia," was formed in May 1906 in Chicago, followed by the second one sometime in the same year in Amaseno, Italy. Thus, the Chicago Heights "Loggia" became No. 3.

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